Testimony from California

Hi Pastor Sharon… oooo GOD is so faithful I was so lucky to meet you and be set free thru my mazing deliverance… Total freedom I have never ever experienced…Absolutely a life changing event… March 15 2013 chaned my life forever… To GOD b the GLORY for sending us a mighty woman of which i now am part of the same DNA…i have amazing news today from my liver Dr. i have been on chemo tx for 7 weeks now and he sent me a msg via KAISER that my Hep c viral load went from over 650 billion to 40….GOD is amazing…today nancy from prayer group told me i looked 30 years youner (my skin was glowing). I feel so different so at ease so calm GOD is so real…i am so in luv with him it is so comforting… Thank You again for your wonderful visit and I look forward to the next time we get to see you and push in even deeper…May GOD continue to bless you and your husband with your ministry and your life…in JESUS mighty mighty name…

luv u,
Abigail Lovell

Oakhurst, California