Freedom and Emotional Healing

Dear Bob & Sharon,

First, my thank you to you both for the time you spent with me on Saturday, and prayers sent forth on my behalf is over due, so Thank You! I so appreciate your willingness to call a virtual stranger, seek the Lord on his behalf and pray accordingly.

Next, what you heard and said was such a blessing. In the days since, I have sensed a change in me. Something lighter and more hopeful, even optimism. The church I attend is fairly large, but I am part of a small group whose leader is pretty well acquainted with my story. She saw me briefly on Sunday, and said,”Your countenance has changed; it’s brighter.” That’s amazing! No one has ever said anything positive about my countenance! What you prayed and the deliverance and curse-breaking you lead me thru was right on, and I am different because of it!

Lastly, you suggestion to get into the Word, was, of course, right on, and Father has fed me some helpful verses. That will continue, I am sure. I have also noticed I have more power to dispel negative thoughts than I have had before. I am getting a glimpse of what it means to live as a conqueror!

I realize that all of this, for me, is very new and “young”, but I really do sense a change, and I am looking forward to growing in the freedom you have lead me into.

Thank you again, and thanks to God our Father, Jesus our Lord, and the Holy Spirit.

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