Healing: from London, England

Dear Sharon and Bob,
Thank you both so much for coming over to Barnes again, being at Nicola & Rhidian’s and for the wonderful Monday evening we had with you and Bob.
Your prophesying has been amazing for both myself and Toby and Sue gave me your email so that I could give you this feedback.
For me: the very next morning, as I walked to work, I felt myself walking better than I have done in years – no pain in my back – and I felt taller. On measuring myself at the Curves Gym, where I work part-time, I have grown 1 1/4 inches!
The spinal curvature has disappeared…something I was born with (and a dislocated coxyx from birth). I had a big spinal fusion operation at the age of 12, spending 6 months in a whole body plaster cast…. I have lived with pain for many years and especially over the last months from June this year it has been terrible.
To be free of pain, walking and standing better, has been truly wonderful and I give such thanks to God every day.
For Toby: who has suffered with Bi-polar Disorder – his mood and demeanour has shifted completely since waking up Tuesday morning. And he has had such good news this week, with his creative works: his paintings, prints and notelet cards. He has struggled for so long…and to be taken on by a local shop in Sheen and a gallery in the Earls Court Road is truly amazing.
Thanks be to God.
With much love from us both for your trip home and thank you both for shifting our struggles,
Love and all good wishes and God’s Blessings, for health especially to yourselves and all your family,
Jenny &Toby Messer xxxx

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