Homes on the Homefront

A local couple is about to get a free home. It’s part of a program thanking military members for their service.

The program is called Homes on the Homefront, it is part of Operation Homefront, providing mortgage free homes to qualifying vets, like Robert and Darlene Williams

“Its just like a fresh start, so i just said a new house for a new year so it’s like woohoo.” said Robert Williams.

Who met his wife Darlene at age 18, the two have dedicated the last 35 years to the military,

“We’ve spent 15 years in Germany, we’ve been to Korea, California you name it we’ve been there.”

Now that service has repayed them with a mortgage free home

“I said wow somebody is giving something back to the veterans the veterans they go through alot they are here to protect our nation so it really feels something good.” added Robert.

The 3 bedroom 2 bath Bettendorf home was donated by Wells Fargo Lending, part of a national program that began in 2012, giving homes to eligible vets. For the Williams its a God-send after just moving from Maryland to the Quad Cities this year so Robert could take a job at the Arsenal. 

“We sold everything just to move here so this is a reward for us because we had to take a big leap to come here.” said Darlene Williams.

“You here all the bad stuff thats going on in the world but this is some of the good dtuff that they are really pushing to help veterans.” added Robert.

The program pays for the mortgage, the Williams take care of the taxes and insurance and must stay in the house at least two years.
For Darlene the house is  an answer to her prayers one she had a very vivid dream about.

“I did it in the dream and the next day look what happened I saw the house on the internet we applied. Its a sign that dreams do come true thats what I want to tell you dreams do come true.”

This is part of 2015 restitution,  recovery and breakthrough this couple’s testimony can be yours too.