“I just want to thank my God for the way He used Sharon in my life last weekend. First on the Saturday at the Deliverance conference in Oakhurst CA Sharon prayed against Generational Curses,I had had bad knees to the place that some times I could hardly walk they were so very painful. As Sharon prayed my left knee snapped with a very loud crack and at once the pain stopped and I could walk better than I had in a long time now it is so good to walk in my healing. I also came to CA asking the Lord for a word as I felt I had come to a crossroad and I wanted to know what was His will for me from here on out? Sharon gave me a word that could only have come from the Lord as she knew nothing of my life or what I had prayed before going. I now know the road Father has for me and have come back to walk in faith down that road to the new place and feeling safe in what He is going to do in the new life He has for me. I also thank Father for the way this woman of God lets Him use her.(Our God is so good) “

– Blessings Anne

Great News Pastor Sharon. I don’t know if you remember this or not but you prayed for a shift in my brain makeup. Well I believe that it has happened. To make a long story short my doctor has started lowering my medicine with our hope that soon I’ll be medicine free. Praise the Lord. I’ll keep you posted.

– Michele

Thanks for the inviting me to the special meeting on Friday with Sharon Parkes. On Monday I was told by the doctor that the pain and swelling in my foot was because I had osteoarthritis and when I got your email I thought this was my opportunity to get rid of this pain forever.  I was prayed for by Sharon and knew that God had touched me. On Saturday morning I woke up and realized that I was completely free of pain for the first time in about five weeks. Do say thanks to Sharon for me and I pray that God will continue to bless her ministry.

– Rose

For the past ten years, I have been a single parent with three children and I was angry with the Father of my children for not giving me money towards their upkeep. During a meeting at Tower of Faith Centre I had pain in my right ear. I phoned a Doctor for an appointment on that Friday for  Feb. 22nd. During the service on Saturday Feb. 20th, Prophetess Sharon Parkes lead us in a prayer of forgiveness and I forgave him. Immediately after the prayer, my ears were healed.

– Angela Agu, London

Healed of Gall Stones 
Placed by a curse through Free Masonry
Pastor Eric 

I have known for many years that my paternal grandfather was a Free Mason at the 8th or 9th degree. His father, my great grandfather, was a Free Mason of the 33rd degree. July of 2010 through a gathering for my father’s 80th birthday, dad brought out his family history that he had been researching for many years. Included in it was the 60th anniversary of my great grandparents in the newspaper which listed all of my great grandfather’s accomplishments, especially his Free Masonry. It also went on about all of my great grand mother’s accomplishments in Job’s Daughters, Eastern Star, etc. (something I did not know).

Within Free Masonry depending upon one’s level they will curse their generational line with the eldest son having the large portion of it directed at him. For years prior to being involved in deliverance I knew that these curses took place.

When I was 45 years old, I would get this excruciating pain on my right side that would drop
me to the floor at times for hours in which I would quote scripture repeatedly and at times
call for backup prayer. My wife, Joanne, would pray with me as well. I would know when it
was about to happen as it would start as a very dull pain and gradually increase. Taking a
vinegar and honey home remedy would stop it if it was caught in time, if not I could be up all
night with little to no sleep. The longest I would go was about 8 months with a reprieve. The
shortest would be a few days. This home remedy does work for those not under a curse as I
know a number of people whom this home remedies has worked for.

During the deliverance seminar in Oakhurst January of 2011 (6 years later) and going
through the deliverance training I knew that there was still some residue from Free Masonry
that had not been dealt with before and believed that it would be taken care of when we
went through that section. After we went through the breaking of Free Masonry prayer I felt
that something was gone. I was now free from that curse, and any other curses from Free
Masonry were gone.

In February 2011, an ultra sound appointment had already been set to see what was going
on with my gall bladder. The technician moving the ultra sound device around checking my
gall bladder had me move into different positions to see it from different angles and I asked
her if everything was all right. She asked to confirm I was there for my gall bladder. I said yes
and asked if everything was ok. The technician stated that the results would be sent to the

About a week later the doctor’s office called and Joanne answered the phone and they told
her that there were no gall stones or any issues with my gall bladder. Nothing could be found
and my gall bladder was in good shape. PRAISE GOD!!!!! Joanne called me at work and
gave me the news and said that what took place last month at the deliverance conference
and with this confirmation of the ultra sound, the curse that was put on me through Free
Masonry was broken and I was healed, PRAISE GOD!!! It has now been 10 months with no
reoccurrence, nor any type of side effects, or lingering issues.

Is God great or what?! Whom the Son has set free is free indeed.

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